I had to stop watching Lost in Space

I’m referring to the new series, the Netflix one. I’ve never really watched the old one but I’ve seen enough clips to know: “Danger Will Robinson”. There are several reasons why I stopped watching even though I’m starving for non-pessimistic future space science fiction.

The first one is that I don’t enjoy seeing people make obvious bad decisions. When it was the kids making bad decisions it was annoying but it made sense, they are kids after all. But when it’s adults, I can’t stand it. These are supposed to be a selection of the most intelligent and capable adults on earth, and yet, they constantly make bad decisions.

Some spoilers ahead. Stop reading here if you don’t want to be exposed to them.

For example, Maureen Robinson decided to go do an experiment with a high altitude balloon, on her own, without telling anybody, on a planet of unknown levels danger. She should have taken a few people with her and notified other people where she was going to be. This is what we do on earth when we go hiking or some other wilderness adventure. At the very least her ex-husband would have jumped into the opportunity as he’s hungry for her acceptance but also being a former military man, he’s a good asset. This almost cost her life in a very stupid way.

Ignacio Serricchio, the mechanic, not notifying everybody what happened with Dr. Smith. Judy Robinson not notifying everybody what happened with Dr. Smith. See a pattern? There’s a lot of information hoarding. When you are in a life-or-death situation in such a small community of survivals, you don’t hoard information. You share it so that if they are part of a bigger puzzle, someone can put it together.

I had to stop watching when Maureen Robinson discovered their impending doom and didn’t immediately tell everybody. I don’t know if she’ll tell them afterwards but just considering not doing was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I sort of understand keeping doom-predicting information from the general population of Earth, to avoid panic, specially if the average person can’t do anything about it. This is not the case. They are a elite, they are a small community of highly capable people that should know if they are doomed to work their asses off to solve the problem, using resources that maybe they would have been saving for the future otherwise. A future that doesn’t exist.

Oh… and electricity, physics, astrophysics and medicine are all horribly wrong. Not a little wrong, not a little exaggerated: horribly wrong.

What Star Trek: Discovery should have been

Star Trek DiscoveryMy opinion of Star Trek: Discovery is positive, but there’s still something that annoys me and since it’s a bit of a spoiler, you should stop reading here until you watched season 1.

Star Trek: Discovery shouldn’t have been a prequel. STD (oops, unfortunate acronym) should have been a sequel to all the other Star Treks we had. I don’t understand why they made it a prequel. It’s not trying to explain an origin story; if anything, it’s destroying Star Trek cannon.

If it was a sequel, in the 25th century:

  • the uniforms wouldn’t be an issue
  • the introduction of new races wouldn’t be an issue
  • the introduction of a human that went through Vulcan academy wouldn’t be an issue (she could be Spock’s protege, instead of Spock’s father’s protege)
  • the Klingons looking different wouldn’t be an issue
  • flat screens and holograms wouldn’t be an issue
  • the use of a sort of holodeck wouldn’t be an issue
  • discovering a way to teleport through the galaxy without needing warp drives wouldn’t be an issue
  • we could have Star Trek: The Next Generation, Voyager and Deep Space 9 cameos.

The BorgWhy make it a prequel then? There’s no advantage to having it be a prequel. You could still have a war with the Klingons if they wanted to bank on their fame (although a war with the Borg is much more frightening in my opinion, specially since peace with the Borg is impossible).

They couldn’t have the flip phones, I mean, the communicators, which apparently are iconic enough to put on one of the posters, but aren’t the badge communicators also iconic? And if not, it feels like a small lose.

I don’t understand this obsession with needles prequels, are people afraid of the future? of moving forward and seeing what happens next?