This is my now-page, where I tell you what I’m up to, in case you are curious. This is part of the Nownownow project by Derek Sivers.

Last update: 26 Jul 2016

My motto: Life begins at the end of your comfort zone


I’ve moved to live with my two partners a couple of months ago and it’s going great. We got two beautiful fun kittens that attack everything but are a pleasure to have around.

Recently, when I noticed I could save/make some amount of money, I exclaimed: “that’s a holiday” which is weird because normally holidays are not on the top of my head.

I’m again successfully losing weight. Fuck yeah!

Professional & Business

I’m starting to contract with Credit Suisse working with Clojure.

On my spare time, I’m working on a product called: Call to Buzz. Call to Buzz maximizes the impact of your fan base on social media allowing your tweets and facebook posts to reach more people.

I’m also putting together property deals and with that, I’m helping people make more money out of their money. I just got my first private lender and I’ll be buying two properties.