Curriculum Vitae for J. Pablo Fernández

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Location: London, UK
Date: 1st August 2018
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Personal Statement

Pablo (co-)founded several startups, being in charge of their technology and sometimes other areas as well. He has built and managed teams, from scratch, centering around close-knit, ultra-productive teams, establishing processes, such as Agile, Scrum and Kanban. As well as engineers of every stripe, he has also managed designers, support specialist, financial staff, etc. As CTO, he was the ultimate bearer of responsibility for the technological success of his companies. As a serial startup founder, he is acutely aware of the everyday and real-world concerns of a business.

He’s a generalist technologist having started coding at 7, before the web even existed. He’s a self learner that tackled a whole range of technical tasks, at every level of complexity, in response to major industry shifts over the last three decades. He developed in 17 programming languages, in most major platforms, with many different frameworks. His breadth of experience and passion for growth inevitably leads him into leadership and executive positions in all his appointments.


Founder, CEO, CTO, Software Engineer
Flexpoint Tech Ltd

September 2016 → Present

Came up with the idea and invested his own savings into the development, marketing and sales of Dashman, a dashboard management tool. Evaluated many different paths for the development, dealt with uncommon Windows APIs, designed a robust encryption scheme for end-to-end encryption of all critical data, set up message passing systems, hired and managed contractors to realize the vision. For extra funding, contracted in fintech with Credit Suisse investment branch in the UK.

Chief Technical Officer
Qredo Ltd

April 2016 → August 2016

Accepted the challenge of the CTO role in a company that lost both its CEO and CTO. Started managing the developers establishing Agile/Scrum, improved communication and morale. Due to lack of other managerial staff present, acted as a manager for other functions, such as marketing, sales and finance. Trimmed down the company to control the its burn rate. Within 2 months of joining, released the first product ever (after 4 years of development). Organized sponsorship and promotion during a relevant conference. Developed the front end to Qredo.

Chief Executive Officer
Carousel Apps Ltd

April 2014 → March 2016

Took the role of CEO when the co-founding CEO had to leave for personal reasons, accepting full responsibility for every aspect of the company, including hiring 2 support specialist growing the team to 5, dealing with sales and marketing, exploring partnerships to open new markets, managing finances with some tax issues, etc. Doubled the company’s size, which is still operating, profitable and growing. To date, the company is serving more than 100 customers, having booked 100k people on more than 1M shifts, paying them a total of £72M.

Co-founder, CTO
Carousel Apps Ltd

November 2011 → April 2014

Co-founded Carousel Apps to create Watu, a white label multi tenant web application for temporary staffing agencies. Worked closely with the CEO defining the roadmap, building the MVP, and taking it to market. Developed the first iteration of the product before hiring 3 more developers, establishing Agile/Scrum practices, coding and testing policies, DevOps, continuous integration and continuous deployment with zero or minimal downtime.

Co-founder, CEO, CTO, Software Engineer
Hear a Blog

April 2010 → January 2011

Came up with the idea to narrate blogs to turn them into podcasts. Recruited a friend to work on the startup with me. Developed and managed the creation of the application. It was the first startup to call twice to the podcast This Week in Startups. Seedcamp Paris finalist.

Hear a Blog reached millions of users by narrating many blogs, including: Mark Suster’s Both Side of the Table, Peldi’s Balsamiq’s blog, Jason Cohen’s A Smart Bear, Patrick McKenzie’s MicroISV on a Shoestring and the biggest one, The Daily WTF. Made up one advertisement deal. Achieved all of this with a self investment of $2000, including paying the narrators.

Software Engineer and DevOps
Google, Simplificator, Reliable Services, etc

March 1998 → September 2011

While on the Gmail team, developed testing tools for the machine learning algorithm behind Priority Inbox, a mock server to test the complex UI and a better launching mechanism for microservices during development.

Started and led a skunkworks project of 3 people to develop an agent system for a software PBX. Implemented a strict methodology for testing that ensured years of operation without a single bug or fault, handling millions of phone calls.

Worked directly with customers in many software development projects acting as Scrum master while working for agencies or freelancing.


Self-learner that started coding at the age of 7 by reading a book. Continued learning in the same fashion, including university level textbooks, courses, including computer science, entrepreneurship, management, sales, marketing, etc. Can take on challenges that require new knowledge to be learned quickly.


Fluent in both English and Spanish, having published articles in magazines such as Linux Journal and Mundo Linux (Linux World) as well as being the technical reviewer of a book. Presented at several conferences both for professional as well as personal reasons.

Open Source Projects

Contributed to major open source projects such as Ruby on Rails, Python, Django, KDE, Asterisk as well as started:

  • Free Form: a library to generate forms for ClojureScript.
  • Prerenderer: a library to pre-render ClojureScript Single Page Applications on the server.
  • assert_difference: a gem that improves Rails’ assert_difference method in various ways.
  • validation_auditor: a gem to track when validations are not passed in a Rails project.
  • random_unique_id: a gem for generating small random ids for records in Rails.
  • action_texter: a gem to send SMS messages with pluggable backends, with Twilio and Nexmo implementations. 8482 downloads.
  • ubiquitous_user: a gem to generate users on the fly in a Rails project without requiring log in. 16196 downloads.
  • rails_openid: a gem to help authenticate OpenID users in Rails.
  • image_button_to: a gem that adds image_button_to and to_function to Rails. Also submitted as a patch for Ruby on Rails itself. 3091 downloads.
  • Keep on Posting: checks your blog or twitter feeds and let’s you know when your not posting as often as before.
  • DNSk9: constantly checks your DNS configuration and informs you by email when something breaks.
  • Sano: health tracker developed over a weekend as an experiment on productivity in Ruby on Rails, blogging as I did it.
  • Fanterlastic Four: Example of how to use Serlvers to write some extremely basic IP servers.
  • Serlvers: Erlang module to write IP (TCP/IP) servers.
  • SCons Erlang: Extension for SCons to be able to build Erlang projects.
  • File Activity Viewer: Monitors files and shows the new lines almost real-time (visual tail -f).
  • Score Reading Trainer: Improve reading speed of musical scores, written several times it C++, C#, Java, Ruby and Python.