What kills more, coal, oil, or nuclear?

I think the recent post by Seth Godindeserves re-blogging, something I never do:

Do you have an opinion about nuclear power? About the relative safety of one form of power over another? How did you come to this opinion?

Here are the stats, and here’s the image. A non-exaggerated but simple version of his data:

Continue reading about it at Seth Godin’s post: The triumph of coal marketing.

One Reply to “What kills more, coal, oil, or nuclear?”

  1. Well said, I have been meaning to dig into the data a bit more and post on this myself. I don’t know if I will get the time :-( It does seem clear we under appreciate the costs of coal and oil (which is a pattern – we don’t appreciate how many are damaged or killed driving or due to bad eating habits but over estimate spectacular causes of death).

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