Serlvers is a set of Erlang modules designed to help in the implementation of IP services (that is TCP/IP or Internet servers).

Serlvers consists of a set of behaviours abstract the internals of each protocol and other modules help with the infrastructure.

The goal is that when making a server you would only worry about how to store, handle, prosses, etc the information instead of the internals of each protocol (to save you for countless hours of RFC reading).

At this stage only 4 protocols are supported:

They are a bit useless but they are here for a purpose: To be an example and a prof of concept.

They are examples of how a protocol is implemented but they are also examples of the quality I am aiming with Serlvers, on code quality, on code style and on documentation quality and extension.

An example of how Serlvers is used can be found on Fanterlastic Four.

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