These are the projects I worked or I’m working on. There are two lists, startup projects and free software projects.

Startup projects

Keep on Posting

Reminds you when you are neglecting your blog or twitter account.


Automatically and periodically checks your DNS.


Keep track of your resources.


Your source for .gitignore snippets.


Your source for .hgignore snippets.

Radio Control Pedia

All information about radio control. This project is now dead.

Hear a Blog

Listen to your favorite blogs.

Is it Science Fiction?

A small web site to vote and comment on whether something is or isn’t science fiction: It’s developed using Ruby on Rails. I’m using Git for versioning and hosting it on my own servers. I wrote a blog post about it. It is now defunct.


An experiment to see if I could develop a web application over a weekend and blog about it at the same time. The app is no more but you can read the blog posts about building Sano.

Free software projects

Ubiquitous User

Ruby gem for Rails with helpers to get and retrieve users ubiquitously:

I’m not actively maintining it at the moment, but I may come back to it later on.

Image Button To

Image equivalent to Rails button_to, and some more:

Rails OpenID

I’m not actively maintaining this. It’s probably better to use Devise with some extension.

Fanterlastic Four

An example of how Serlvers is used. Fanterlastic Four serves echo, daytime, time, chargen. More about Fanterlastic Four.


A set of Erlang modules to help build application level IP servers. More about Serlvers.

SCons Erlang

Module for SCons to be able to compile Erlang projects. SCons Erlang is hosted at GitHub.

If you want to use it first learn the basics of SCons at the SCons User’s Guide. Then, to learn how to use SCons Erlang itself take a look at these two project’s source code (currently unreleased):


It lets you access Cairo from Chicken Scheme. More about chicken-cairo.

SCons Chicken

SCons Chicken adds support for SCons to compile Chicken Scheme based projects. It aims to be as simple as possible and as automatic as possible supporting all possible features of Chicken, like making and using extensions, generating the .setup files, etc.

SCons Chicken is hosted at GitHub, go there for more information including how to download, how to use, etc.


This is a module for PLT Scheme to easily generate SQL queries in a Scheme friendly way. This wasn’t really my idea nor my doing, it was initially developed as SchemeQL on the Schematics project. All I did was remove its dependencies to SrPersist and make it generic so you can use it with any back end you want. Currently unreleased and unmaintaiend.

To get it you’ll need to use Darcs and run:

darcs get


This a wrapper on the MySQL client libraries to be able to access a MySQL server from PLT Scheme programs. I currently add some high level procedures, but not much.

This is currently being developed for MySQL 4.1 (4.0 might work; if it doesn’t, I am interested in knowing about it) and with version 299.400 of PLT Scheme, particulary since I use the new FFI. Currently unreleased and unmaintaiend.

To get it you’ll need to use Darcs and run:

darcs get


A little add on for Scons to be able to build Scheme Gambit projects. Currently unreleased and unmaintaiend.

To get it you’ll need to use Darcs and run:

darcs get

File Activity Viewer

File Activity Viewer watches a file for additions (new lines) and shows those aditions in almost real time. Currently unmaintaned. More about File Activity Viewer.

Score Reading Trainer

A program that helps to improve reading speed. If you are intrested in the development of SRT, know that the HEAD branch is really messy because it is in the middle of some deep modifications. More about SRT.


Its name stands for KDE Text To Speech Daemon, also known as Proklam, it is a DCOP (Desktop COmmunications Protocol) plug in based TTS (Text To Speech) service.

It will help any application (using DCOP) to use any available TTS with a central configuration.

Task: founder. The maintainance of this project was took by another person who is actively working on it as I write this (check the date at the bottom).

More information on: (it is part of the KDE Accessibility project, that’s why the main resource for information about it is that).


It is a PHP class that allows storing source code and HTML graphical design files in two different locations so the developers and the graphics designers of a site can work together smoothly. Currently unmaintained (and please, don’t use it, there are far better solutions, I list it only for historical reasons).

More information on:


KDE Samba Status is a status monitor for the Samba file server, it shows computers connected to shares and the open files, it has a friendly GUI developed using KDE. Currently unmaintained.

More information on: